About us

Welcome to Lookomorie!

We are happy to see you here! We started Lookomorie in 2008 because we wanted to make it easier for Russian families living in the USA to find books for their children. We do a lot of research when selecting which books to offer in order to bring you the best examples of Russian literature – both classical and modern. We also offer books translated from other languages into Russian, so that children can be exposed to various cultures while learning the Russian language. Each and every book in our store is kept in a climate-controlled environment and carefully examined for any damage before it's sent out to you. We like to think of books as friends, and we strive to take the best possible care of them.

We feel that children who read have a broader understanding of the world, and will become adults who can think for themselves. We wholeheartedly believe that reading can help people become better versions of themselves - smarter, kinder, and more successful in life. And we love seeing kids communicate fluently in several languages, or sitting with them in the evening for a bedtime story!

Reading is a gift, and we feel honored to be a part of your family’s reading journey!

email: info@lookomorie.com

phone: 1-888-492-4096 (you can text us too!)
address: Lookomorie P. O. Box 612496 San Jose CA 95161