russian paper crafts and clay modeling

Аппликации и Лепка

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    50 products

    Ignite your child's imagination with our collection of Russian paper crafts and clay models! The paper crafts you’ll find in this collection are intricately designed to create a delightful array of animals, objects, and more, and are certain to provide your children with endless hours of creative fun. Designed to capture your child's curiosity, these paper craft kits foster their artistic expression and spark a newfound passion for imaginative creation. All instructions are written in Russian.

    Clay modelling kits are another interactive and fun pastime activity for young children. Our collection of clay modeling books in Russian contains a variety of tools on modeling with clay, dough, plasticine, and more! Your children will learn how to create dinosaurs, cornucopias, and everything in between. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for clay modeling with your children – these books have all the answers you’re looking for! With easy-to-follow instructions written in the Russian language, your children will have no difficulty following along.

    Make crafting a delightful experience for your child with these clever Russian papercraft creations and clay modeling books! Easy to follow and thoroughly enjoyable, these books serve as modern stress relief activities - you’re sure to find something for your child here!

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