Russian games, puzzles, and toy books for kids

Книжки-Игрушки и Игры

304 products
    304 products

    Take a look through our collection of Russian toy books for children! We’ve got all kinds of fun books for your kids, regardless of whether they wish to play on their own or with their friends. In this collection, you’ll find everything from fun look-and-find books and labyrinths suitable for individual play to compilations of games you can play together with your children and their friends! 

    Or, if you wish to make learning more exciting for your children, you’ll love the educational games that are a part of this collection! Your children will learn to tell the time, the names of different animals and creatures, and even how to write basic words. Plus, we’ve got multiple books on making paper airplanes – guaranteed to keep young children entertained for hours on end! And if you look hard enough, you may find authentic Russian puzzles, board games, and card games. Take a look through this collection, and find your child’s new favorite toys!

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