russian coloring pages and drawing books

Раскраски и рисование

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    151 products

    Our collection of Russian coloring books and tools for learning how to draw is perfect for little ones just getting started with their artistic endeavors! For your ease, we’ve split this collection into coloring books and learning how to draw. If you’re looking for fun, artistic activities for your children, look no further! You’ll find many different coloring pages, coloring books that teach simple words or basic math, and coloring books containing logical puzzles and tasks. These resources are perfect for young ones who are just starting to develop their artistic abilities, or for children who enjoy a little bit of coloring!

    For more serious artists, this collection also includes books on learning how to draw, all written for children in the Russian language. These books can teach your little ones the basics of colors, shapes, and forms, as well as more serious topics like composition and choice of medium. These books typically include examples of basic figures that your children are then shown how to copy (such as this book or this one!). These books are perfect for children who’ve moved on from simple coloring books and are starting to develop their drawing skills. Take a look through the collection!
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