Back to School Resources for Russian Children: Numbers and Math

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When heading back to school, new and returning students can get a head start by reviewing upcoming or previous topics. When it comes to subjects such as math and counting, such review can be critical for the success of the soon-to-be student later on during the school year.

In the United States, learning materials for Russian-speaking students can be hard to obtain, especially at a reasonable price. At Lookomorie, we've amassed a large collection of school books for Russian speakers that are devoted to teaching your children everything about numbers: from just learning to count all the way to grade-level mathematics. Let's take a look at the two main categories, counting and math, and the most popular books from each.

Building a Strong Foundation in Numbers

Counting forms the cornerstone of mathematical understanding. Introducing counting techniques in the Russian language not only aids linguistic proficiency but also accelerates numerical cognition. By being introduced to numerical patterns, students develop the ability to discern regularities, a skill that underpins advanced mathematical concepts. Here are three of the most popular books for Russian students to learn counting:

Учимся писать цифры Учимся считать от 1 до 20 Буквальные задачки или счет идет на сказки
Учимся писать цифры. Пропись по математике 1 класс-Узорова О.-Астрель-Lookomorie Учимся считать от 1 до 20 (4-6 лет). Мои первые уроки-Коллектив авторов-Азбука-Lookomorie Буквальные задачки или счет идет на сказки-Коллектив авторов-Дрофа Плюс-Lookomorie
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Mastering Basic Arithmetic Operations

Once a student has learned how to count, he/she has the foundation necessary to begin learning math. Arithmetic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division constitute the building blocks of mathematical computation, and are the most important to learn early on. Equipping Russian students with strategies for addition and subtraction, along with engaging approaches to multiplication and simplified explanations of division, empowers them to tackle mathematical challenges with confidence and accuracy. Here are some of our best-selling Russian math books, suitable for elementary students:

Комбинированные летние задания Первые уроки 4+ Информатика, логика, математика
Комбинированные летние задания за курс 1 класса. 50 занятий по русскому языку и математике-Иляшенко Л.-МТО Инфо-Lookomorie Первые уроки 4+. Математика. Игра! Наклейки! Веселые задания!-Шестакова Г.-Стрекоза-Lookomorie Юным умникам и умницам. Информатика, логика, математика. Рабочая тетрадь часть 1-Холодова О.-Издательство РОСТ-Lookomorie
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Collections of Math Workbooks we Recommend

Some workbooks for learning math and counting in Russian come in series, containing multiple books. Since these books come with multiple volumes, they can cover more topics than a single book, and may be more effective for teaching your child. Here are some of the best compilations of math workbooks we have available in our store:

Игралочка. Практический курс математики для дошкольников Математика 1 класс. Учебное пособие. Комплект в 3-х частях Математика 2 класс. Учебное пособие. Комплект в 3-х частях
Петерсон Л. Игралочка. Практический курс математики для дошкольников. Части 1 и 2-Петерсон Л.-Ювента-Lookomorie Петерсон Л. Математика 1 класс. Рабочая тетрадь в 3-х частях. Комплект-Петерсон Л.-Бином. Лаборатория знаний-Lookomorie Петерсон Л. Математика 2 класс. Учебное пособие, комплект в 3-х частях-Петерсон Л.-Ювента-Lookomorie
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While the challenges of math education for students are real, the path forward can be greatly facilitated by the strategic implementation of learning resources. By mastering counting techniques, arithmetic operations, algebraic thinking, and problem-solving, students can forge a deep and enduring connection with mathematics. This connection not only equips them with academic knowledge but also cultivates analytical thinking, a skill set that extends its reach into every facet of life.

At Lookomorie, we try our best to reduce the difficulty that Russian families living within the United States face when looking for the proper resources for their children's academic success. This article covered the books we offer on math and counting, and the next will cover speech, reading, grammar, and writing. We'll see you then!


P.S. Take a look at the Math and Counting collection that was referenced in this blog post!



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